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Potted Hough

Hough is the Scottish name for "shin". This is a very traditional dish, excellent for sandwiches,
for supper with toast, or for picnics.
2 and 1/2lb beef hough ( piece of shin bone, ) cracked
salt, pepper
pinch of cayenne
pinch of ground all-spice
Put the meat in one piece with the bone and seasonings into a large saucepan, then just cover it with cold water.
Bring to boiling point, skim and turn down to a very slow simmer.
Let it cook like this for at least 6 hours.
Strain off the liquid, allow it to go cold then skim off any fat from the surface.
Mince the meat finely and return it to the stock, taste for seasoning, then cook again for around 15 minutes.
Wet some small molds or dishes and divide the mixture between them.
Chill until they are set.
Unmold to serve.

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