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Clootie Dumpling

1lb self raising flour
1 teacup white breadcrumbs
1 teacup shredded suet
1 teacup sugar
1 packet mixed spice
half pound currants
three-quarters of a pound of raisins/sultanas
half pint of milk
1 grated apple
1 dessertspoonful treacle
Sift flour and spice together and mix with sugar, breadcrumbs and dried fruit.
Then add the suet.
Dissolve the treacle in the milk and add this to the flour mixture.
Mix to a dough.
Scald a pudding cloth, dust with flour and turn mixture out onto cloth.
Tie securely, leaving room for the pudding to swell.
Place an upturned plate in a large pot with sufficient water to half cover the pudding.
Allow the water to boil then place the pudding in the pan.
Cover and boil gently for three and a half hours.
The pudding must boil continuously. Top up frequently with boiling water.
Remove from pan, unwrap cloth gently and dry off pudding in a warm oven for 20 minutes.

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